Adventures Planned for 2024

Adventures Planned for 2024

Spring is now here which means soon enough, I will be back on the trail enjoying all of the sights and scenery nature has to offer. I have been looking forward to this year in particular as I have started a running routine 3-4 times a week, quit smoking weed as well as switching up the food I have been consuming which has resulted in 30lbs weight loss. I haven't been less than 200lbs since I had kids. yay go me 😄

With that being said, I have some exciting trips planned for this hiking season that I think I will excel at:

Pukaskwa National Park

I booked this last year but due to finances (the cost of a rental car), I had to back out. I wasn't too happy about it since it was a longer trip than my 2022 trip, but shit happens and I had to forfeit. This year however, I have booked it again, and I have a special guest accompanying me: Reyanne! I was able to convince her to come with me this time as she has seen my pictures from my other 2 trips to the park and has always said "I would swim in that lake!" or "I would sleep there!". I managed to purchase her a new backpack (Waymark Mile 28, like mine except in purple) and other new gear to make her hikes more comfortable (and lighter!). Perhaps I will make a gear loadout post regarding her setup.

Myself and Reyanne at the top of the lookout tower at Thunder Cape Bird Observatory, 2023

To not throw her off as it is new territory for her, I have booked my 2022 trip all over again for this year, ensuring that we won't be walking all day in the woods. Day 1 will be something like 9km, day 2 12km, day 3 5.6km, and the last day being the longest at 16.4km. Reyanne is no stranger to walking in the woods; she has done a couple of 20-25km trips with me previously, and she's savage! She has been coming out with me since she was 9 years old. I am really excited to make some more memories with her. Trip happens first week of August!

Casque Isles

Last year, I attempted to thru hike the entire trail, but fell short as I just wasn't enjoying myself after I arrived at Worthington Bay. I did this section in June of last year and it was a lot of up and down. Wasn't feeling it the second time so I took a detour out to the highway and walked all the way back to my car. I still put in a lot of distance but was about 7km short of the 53km total. This year, I am going to re-attempt it with a better mindset/attitude while being in much better shape than last year.

Bailed after Worthington Bay, walking along the highway like a loser. Still had a good time.

Casque Isles is one of my favourite trails and I find it more challenging than Pukaskwa. There are many destinations that I never really spent much time at before because I was on a mission to walk (and the mosquitos thought I would make a good snack, though they were unable to pierce my clothes). Also, I think it was on this trail last year that I realized I needed to up my nutrition game to avoid headaches, so I have been doing some better planning in that department.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Yes, back to this place. Though I do enjoy coming here due to its close proximity to Thunder Bay, I have been here way too many times, and so it just feels routine to me. I have timed myself doing portions of the trail previously, seeing if I can beat my other times. My favourite section/loop to walk starts at Sawbill Lake trailhead, to Sawyer Bay, all the way down the northern Kabeyun trail to Thunder Cape Bird Observatory, then going up and over to Lehtinen's Bay, ending here or making my way to a camp site at Tee Harbor for the night. This particular section serves as a warm-up for longer distance hikes that I end up doing throughout the season, or to just have a good walk on a nice day in the woods.

However, this year, I would like to see about starting at the Thunder Bay Lookout, making my way to the southern Kabeyun trailhead. I believe I can do this in 1 night, 2 days or less. I generally do not start at the Lookout ever, and have only hiked from there twice before, staying at Twinpine Lake trail junction at the campsite that is located there. Still looking for a ride to the Lookout when I leave my vehicle at the southern Kabeyun trailhead.